3 Female Tech Influencers To Look Out For

November 23rd, 2018 by

2018 has seen influencer marketing continue to transform traditional methods. The old ways of channelling products to consumers is dying and social media is at the forefront of a new age. In this new age, technology continues its instrumental positioning within pop-culture with Apple and Silicon Valley still towering over all industry.

Now, when the phrase technology influencer is mentioned you quite likely picture a male. A modestly dressed individual with an anorak and a youtube channel, maybe?

And you’d be right to make that assumption as there are many that fit that mould however, there are also a plethora of women that use their technical know-how and abilities in social persuasion to steer public opinion and perception towards brands.

Source: BrainStation Youtube Channel

Below are 3 female technology influencers that have made their mark in 2018.

  1. @codergirl


There is much debate about what produces the best product engagement within influencer marketing. Is it being more broad in your target marketing, using influencers with a vaster reach across the tech-consumer sector? Or a more defined approach, utilising movers and shakers with less of a following that are thought to drive more impactful engagement but to a smaller audience? If it’s the latter then @codergirl aka Laura Medalia may be the perfect fit for your brand.

The popular Instagrammer is a software engineer by day and a social-steerer by lunch. One that earned her media stripes from a strong, consistent tech-fashion instagram aesthetic. Boasting a 50k following, she is neither a micro-influencer nor a powerhouse of the same vein. She bobs gently in the middle of social media influence and is one to look out for in 2019.

  2. @lolrileeelliott


Founder of Future Sight AR, Lori-Lee Emshey is a travel-tech influencer hybrid. Born in New Zealand, brought-up in Canada, and now splitting her time between Houston and L.A, the young-entrepreneur frequently blogs of her expeditions around Europe and the rest of the world. Fashion and travel, however, only act in secondary conjunction to her one true love of technology. A love which is harnessed and wielded to the benefit of commercial brands. Of the three, Lori-Lee has the more conservative follower counts, however, is likely to drive more direct engagement with those followers thrusting brands into a more refined and targetable tech-travel audience.

3. @estefannie


Estefannie is a Texas based software engineer revered for her quirky sense of humour and alternative insight into the environment of a female computer scientist. Her flippantly comedic posts have seen her develop a strong following of nearly 60k on instagram. Not bad for a 22 year-old.

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